Upcoming Event

Exploring Host Family Motivations, Benefits and Challenges - Cambridge, MA

 A New Workshop Based on the 2016-17 Nationwide Survey of CSIET Member Host Families This workshop will:

  1. Explore common myths about hosting that may be hindering host family recruitment. 
  2. Consider key indicators for success and how to leverage them. 
  3. Identify red flags: student behaviors which can silently impair current and future placements, and host family motivations that sound plausible but often lead to disappointment.
  4. Consider the impact of placement selection, sequence, timing, duration, and how to steer these in the right direction. 
  5. Focus on program loyalty through excellent service to build capacity. 

While this research effort confirmed many of the standard beliefs about high school cultural exchange, it also revealed numerous surprises, which should be factored in to any effort to build host family capacity in J-1 high school programs.  

This is a one-day program is also available for an in-house training session for sponsor staff and local coordinators.  

Workshop Cost $495 per person.

About the survey, the researchers and presenters:

All J-1 secondary school program sponsors were invited to participate in two surveys, one at the start of the academic year (August 2016) and again in May 2017. Eighteen organizations participated in the initial survey, and seventeen took part in the year end effort.  

The surveys were coded to reveal repeat responders which allowed for a look at attitudes longitudinally. 

The survey included 65 questions and generated more than 2,300 comments from new and repeat host families across the United States.  

The research team was led by Anne Copeland, PhD, Director of the Boston based Interchange Institute, in collaboration with Barbara Rhymaun, Executive Director of Cultural Crossways, a CSIET partner.  

Dr. Copeland is a clinical psychologist, tenured Boston University faculty member, and has conducted extensive research on cross-cultural issues. She has authored several books and has written more than 100 articles and research presentations during her career. 

Barbara Rhymaun has worked in cross-cultural exchange and education programs for more than 25 years, having managed J-1 programs as well as working in research and strategic planning for the non-profit member organizations of United Way.