Field Representatives are the FACE of your Organization

They represent you and the exchange community on the local level.

Your program can only be successful when you have effective, knowledgeable and well-trained individuals interacting with students, host families and school administrators.

Cultural Crossways standardizes the training required by the Department of State, according to the Federal Register’s Rules and Regulations guiding Exchange Visitor Programs (62.25(d). Our conferences ensure that your local representatives are fully trained and receive the same required instruction across the board, in an environment that allows for questions, feedback and discussion.

Face to face, in both large and small group settings, is more effective than on-line training modules or phone contact with regional supervisors. Trained, knowledgeable leaders in the exchange industry conduct sessions on each of the subjects specifically listed in the regulations.

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Select placement organizations are responsible for conducting FLEX, YES and A-SMYLE specific trainings for all local coordinators and volunteers.

Sponsored program representatives may only comprise a small percentage of a program’s local coordinators.

Required training for this segment may not be cost effective when combined with training for the traditional high school exchange program.  Additionally, many organizations conduct their training at their annual incentive meetings, which are often held at international locations.  Because DOS sponsored program training must be held on U.S. soil, it may be a budgetary and logistical challenge to organize.

Cultural Crossways provides focused, cost effective regional trainings for ECA funded program representatives.

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