Your staff works hard.

Long hours placing students through the spring and summer months, stressful situations when managing placements during the academic year and challenging periods expanding host family capacity across the U.S. keep your staff in high gear all year long.

Professionals working in the non-profit sector are a unique group.  Mission often drives their dedication. Those who have chosen to work in educational and cross cultural exchange are no different. They enjoy the exposure to many cultures, the opportunity to work with young people and they value the power of citizen diplomacy to improve the way we relate to others around the world.  But, as with any job, they need access to opportunities to expand their knowledge and develop their skills.

Staff development leads to staff retention and retention is good business!

Providing professional training opportunities is essential to retaining good employees and to creating career paths that are rewarding for the individual and beneficial to the exchange community.

Studies show that workplace support in the form of staff training is critical to employees remaining loyal to their organization. Additionally, staff development helps to cultivate a work environment that is open to new ideas and challenges.

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Train the Trainer: Strategies for Cross-Cultural Understanding and Support of International High School Students

Monday January 9 – Tuesday January 10, 2017, 9 AM-5 PM Bethesda, Maryland
Optional follow-on session
Wednesday January 11, 2017, 9 AM -12 PM
focused entirely on working with Chinese Students.

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This may be the most cost effective way to improve or enhance training and development programs organization wide!