Our beliefs are simple:

  • That most people can adapt to a new environment given the right tools.
  • That cultural adaptation is an essential element to increasing satisfaction on the part of all participants
  • That our diverse nation has many unique cultures which make up the American way of life
  • That the very nature of educational exchanges with a host family component carries risks
  • That risks can be mitigated through compliant driven, professionally designed, cost effective training and development programming for organizations and individuals working with these students

Our learning approaches are unique:

Our goal is to support an organization’s efforts to train all involved in the exchange experience by moving from training as an “event” to creating an enterprise wide “culture of learning” that improves performance and mitigates risk associated with placing and supervising young people in a new cultural environment.

Our opportunities are open to all high school exchange school students:

While founded to support the principles of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, Cultural Crossways recognizes the need for increased attention to those high school exchange students traveling on an F-1 visa issued by the Department of Homeland Security.  F-1 student exchange programs for high schools currently have few government regulations.  These exchange students would benefit from an arrival orientation experience geared to preparing them for a safe and successful stay in America.  Our programs have been requested by numerous F-1 sending organizations and U.S. private schools.  We are pleased to expand our mission to offer opportunities to the F-1 student exchange community!


Interchange Institute