In academic year 2012-13, the United States welcomed over 27,000 students from more than 70 countries world wide in the J-1 visitor exchange category alone. More than double that number traveled to America through an F-1 visa, allowing them to study in mostly private high schools.

Many student recruitment and sending organizations work with several U.S. based program sponsors.  A student placed by one organization may be given the opportunity to enroll in a group orientation while another may not because his/her sponsor does not offer a group arrival program.

Cultural Crossways can serve to make your promotional efforts more consistent, allowing you to guarantee your students the opportunity to participate in a fantastic arrival program regardless of the organizational sponsor they have been placed through.

Our goals are to:

  • Increase participant satisfaction by offering comprehensive student orientations programming.
  • Provide compliant driven, professionally designed curricula.
  • Offer venues that are comfortable and safe.
  • Introduce students to the incredible City of New York for East Coast arrivals or to the excitement of the City of Los Angeles for West Coast arrivals through exceptional tours.

Student registration and program payments must be sent by your organization. It is the sending organization’s responsibility to arrange air travel to and from the orientation city and to communicate with the student’s U.S. sponsor to facilitate proper communications with host families. A student cannot register independently.

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Complimentary Chaperones
Sending organizations with more than 15 students attending session, receive one complimentary coupon for a chaperone to participate at no cost (land only). All chaperones, paid or complimentary, must be fully vetted employees of the sending or sponsor organization.

Cultural Crossways is also available for consultation, or preparation and delivery, of your pre-departure orientations. Contact us for a proposal.