Working in the cross cultural field with the multitude of differences and potentially challenging situations can be overwhelming.

The maze of issues that staff must deal with on a regular basis is best dealt with through a regulatory framework and standard operating procedures. But there will always be that unusual situation that requires the knowledge and expertise to problem solve effectively. Cultural Crossways curriculum goes beyond the standards set organizationally or by regulatory agencies.

Our goal is to help your staff be the very best they can be. Because we work in the cross cultural arena exclusively, all courses begin with an assessment of each participant’s own style across five dimensions of culture. Once they understand their own profile and how they interact with others, participants will better understand how to avoid the pitfalls often seen in cross-cultural communications.  Our curriculum is also based in part on the methodology of the Interchange Institute trainer program.


Train the Trainer Program

This is the only train-the-trainer course focused entirely on the unique skills needed to work with young people 15-18 years of age who have enrolled in a U.S. secondary school program. This course packs enormous value in just two full days! It is a training program that your entire staff will benefit from….send one or more staff and they in turn play the program forward throughout your organization.

The course content covers the key elements required in a strong cross-cultural training curriculum. It provides specific tools and training techniques to encourage self-reflection and cultural self-awareness. This approach expands your staff’s understanding of exchange students and the expectations of students’ natural parents and the partner/sending organization abroad.

Staff Development Programs

Cultural Crossways currently offers three staff development programs.  Each program is two days in duration and pre-registration is required.  While student exchange can be a competitive industry – vying for great host families, for school enrollments and the like, we believe there is value in learning from one another and our hope is that staff from many different organizations will participate. Cultural Crossways can also deliver programs to your organization in-house.

Course One

Manage your team: decentralized/regional team management skills; effective crisis management; managing independent contractor or volunteer performance; problem solving approaches for supervision issues.

Course Two

Relate to your international visitors: participate in a comprehensive cultural adaptation BOOT Camp; understand the educational systems abroad; work effectively with teenagers and the unique issues that may occur.

Course Three

Promote your organization: build host family loyalty; gain school commitment; promote the mission of cultural exchange; increase host family capacity; establish a solid community presence.

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