We want to be your training and development partner!  Cultural Crossways evolved from a belief that cross cultural understanding can be learned, and that is an essential element to facilitating successful educational exchange experiences. 

Our mission is to offer high quality, consistent, cultural adaptation curricula to organizations bringing students into the United States as well as to provide professional development opportunities for staff and field representatives working with these students.

Our goals are to:

  • Mitigate risk inherent in student cross-cultural and educational exchanges
  • Increase participant satisfaction by offering comprehensive student orientation programming and high quality training and development opportunities for those working with these students.
  • Provide compliant driven, professionally designed programs.
  • Be a cost effective solution to the training and development needs of the exchange community.

Our first target audience are the students themselves. Those organizations bringing fewer than 400 students on a staggered arrival schedule, should consider offering their students the opportunity to enroll in a Cultural Crossways group arrival orientation program. Experience shows that when these programs are offered, at least half of the students will choose to attend.  Sending organizations report that they are able to use such program add-ons as an additional selling tool. More importantly, group training options allow students to feel a part of a larger experience and provide the resources to help them be successful.

Larger organizations might prefer to hold arrival programs for their incoming students exclusively and Cultural Crossways can adapt our programming to their needs including brand name promotion.

Secondly, we offer training programs for the thousands of individuals representing eighty-plus sponsor organizations in communities across all fifty states. Those individuals who represent you around the country, are the face of your organization.  Their actions are your actions; their mistakes are your mistakes. They deserve the tools to help them best serve their students, host families and schools. We offer regional training conferences: sessions for new hires and refresher courses for seasoned representatives. Topics include DOS regulatory requirements as well as a host of topics to help your local representatives do their very best for you, the students, the host families and the participating schools in their area.

Our third audience for Cultural Crossways programs are the hundreds of dedicated staff employed in the exchange community. Our industry only benefits from consistent training on regulatory requirements and topic specific seminars unique to the nature of the work. Training further professionalizes the industry, creates career development opportunities and helps improve staff retention in a field known for high employee turnover. It is key to staff retention and improved services.